SEMJuice link building solution

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How does our algorithm work?

As Google no longer displays websites PageRank, most of SEO specialists now use TrustFlow from Majestic SEO. However, this indicator can now be manipulated and it doesn't always represent reality.

One of our main purposes is to boost a website visibility, i.e. its positioning on Google search engine, so we've created our own algorithm based on a very large number of rating elements. So we've developped our own tools combined with SEMrush API, Seobserver, Majestic SEO...


Our algorithm

strengths A very advanced algorithm which represents reality:

  • - A lot of rating elements.
  • - Indication on a scale of 0 to 100.
  • - A monthly reassessment for all websites to check out their developments.
  • - Below a defined rating, partners websites are no longer suggested for link building campaigns.
  • - Every partner's website is automatically linked to a price category depending on the JuiceFlow.
  • - The amount of partners commissions are automatically calculated according to their JuiceFlow.
  • - A smart distribution for advertisers publications on partners websites, which avoids footprint.

Website examples according to JuiceFlow

Here is a page with several partners websites examples suggested for our link building campaigns. For every website, you'll find Juice Flow, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, number of referring domains, SEMrush rank, organic traffic, number of keywords and domain name age. Our algorithm obviously checks out a lot more criteria, but we share with you the most common metrics due to confidentiality.

Some examples