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1. Link building

What is the customer profile for a link building solution?

Our solution is suitable for 2 types of customers:

  • A private individual, a seller, a freelancer or a web agency with no in-house skills or just need to be supported for the link building campaign implementation. We support them
    to set up the perfect strategy for their link profiles, while focusing on the perfect
  • SEO agency or SEO consultant with a request for a link campaign implementation for their customers. They set up the strategy with our advanced briefs (types of links needed, links anchors, keywords…), and then they send us these informations. Once the campaign is over, we provide white-label SEO reports. SEMJuice infos won't be mentioned in the reports.

I have no experience in SEO, can you please help me?

Absolutely, our team will be pleased to support you! Before launching your campaign, we
carefully check your website and all your needs. Then, we can define the perfect strategy, depending on your profile.

What is exactly links strategy or link building strategy?

It aims to measure the current SEO performance (popularity and positioning on Google)
to find out the best way to improve it. We mainly focus on your keywords, links and
anchors on your website.

Based on our analysis results, we suggest the best strategy to optimize your links
profile in order to boost your visibility on Google. We can also help you to adapt current
optimisation if it's not natural and subject to penalties on search engines. The main
purpose is to provide the most qualitative and long-term links profile, while avoiding
aggressive strategy.

Which informations should I provide to set up my link building campaign?

Once registered on our platform, you'll need to create your campaign by sending all
informations related to the different briefs for each publication. If you have campaigns on
a regular basis, you can save briefs templates to ease the launch of your next
netlinking campaigns.

Which languages are suggested for link building?

We mainly focus on the French market for now.

What do the fruits names on your different solutions mean?

As we always talk about "juice transfer" through links (backlinks), we've decided to
illustrate this concept with fruit juices. The bigger the fruit, the higher the juice transfer
and boost for popularity and positioning for your publisher's website. So these fruits
represent a JuiceFlow value.

Do you have metrics use cases for your fruits solutions?

Absolutely, this page displays different metrics examples for our websites, listed by the
different fruits: keywords, traffic, SEMrush rank, TrustFlow, Citation Flow, referring

How long does it take to launch a campaign?

Once we have all the required informations, we're able to launch the campaigns within 10 days. So the first link will be set up from 10 days.

Can I duplicate my SEO briefs and my campaigns?

You can absolutely create briefs templates and save them for future campaigns. Also, you can duplicate campaigns to ease the different launchs.

As a web agency, can I use the platform for my customers?

Yes indeed, you can create a user account for your web agency on our platform and send
informations about the diffrent netlinking campaigns. When a campaign is completed, you can export a complete white-label report which can be customized. No informations about SEMJuice on the report.

Do you have your own sites network as Private Blog Networks?

No, we don't own websites. We only publish on partners websites. It can be a blog or a press group website. We avoid strategies as PBN because it can be subject to penalties if the network is detected.

PBN are mostly based on websites with no business value: with low or zero traffic, positioning, no real blogger, no social media… This is not sustainable and a netlinking strategy can't be implemented only on a PBN. Google alogrithm increasingly detects a website ecosystem. As proof, the last Google EAT updates: Nicolas talks about it on this panel. As Google is more and more strict, it is essential to work with quality websites so as to avoid fake and detectable features to ensure a long-term strategy.

What kind of publishers websites do you have in your catalog?

We have a large selection of websites, with all CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Dotclear, PrestaShop, Magento, Arfooo… These websites are listed by topics (approximately 50) et by quality index (our JuiceFlow).

Do you contact customers from web agencies?

We never contact our customers clients. If one of your customers gets in touch with us directly for a new campaign, we'll automatically get a notice about a publisher website registered twice. In this particular case, we get in touch with the web agency to keep the staff informed.

Can I suggest media to insert in the articles?

We include premium photos bought on Istock by default, but you can also upload pictures on your account and suggest them. Videos in connection with the topic are uploaded. You can also suggest videos in the briefs.

Do you accept all topics?

We accept a lot of topics, except:

  • casino, sports betting, games,
  • alcohol,
  • e-cigarets, drugs, smoke,
  • escort, erotic massage,
  • charm theme, adult,
  • hacking, donwloading, streaming,
  • airsoft, weapons, war,
  • and all activities forbidden to under 18.

What measures do you take regarding footprints?

In order to avoid any risk, we're constantly choosing different websites types for every campaign: different partner, IP, Whois, CMS… Everything is checked by our algorithm which also ensures excellent distribution for our advertisers publications.

Is there a risk of receiving the same link twice?

Our algorithm is able to detect if an advertiser's website already has a link from one of our partners, for example a link directly bought from the partner (blogger) or from another netlinking platform.

How can I follow-up the impact of my link building campaign?

A live dashboard is at your disposal to follow-up your websites developments. You can
check out details from every campaign, keywords and the differents metrics: organic traffic,
number of keywords, SEMrush, TrustFlow, CitationFlow, number of referring domains...

2. Partnerships and payouts

What are the most requested topics?

We have set up this page which lists the most requested topics.

Can I suggest my website for sponsored articles?

First of all, do you have a specific website for sponsored articles? For example a blog or news website? If so, you can register your website on our platform by providing infirmation in all the required fields. Then, our in-house algorithm will assess your website to calculate JuiceFlow. We'll provide you information about your commission for every article.

Do you share informations about publishers websites registered on the platform?

No, we don't share informations about our partners to ensure maximum confidentiality.

What does JuiceFlow mean?

JuiceFlow is our in-house quality indicator with a scale of 0 to 100. To learn more, please check
out our webpage dedicated to JuiceFlow.

What is the minimum JuiceFlow required as a publisher?

Our algorithm doesn't suggest websites with JuiceFlow below 15 and web directories with
JuiceFlow below 10. Below these two rates, websites are not considered relevant for
our advertisers campaigns.

How can I get informations about my websites JuiceFlow?

You can register your websites directly on our platform or follow the instructions on this page
to check out JuiceFlow for each website.

When will I get my first sponsored articles?

Once your partner website is approved by our team and checked by our algorithm, you'll be able to
receive publications from our advertisers.

Can I use nofollow link for your advertisers websites?

No, you need to use dofollow links for our customers. As we offer link juice, it's mandatory to
transfer it through a dofollow link. Our customer will not receive the same link juice performance
with a nofollow link.

Should I post the sponsored articles on my website homepage?

It's really important to post sponsored articles on your blog homepage as this web page is the most
relevant in terms of SEO juice. This is essential to meet the expected results for the sponsored
articles. Indeed if a sponsored article doesn't appear on the homepage, this will negatively impact
on the netlinking strategy. Please note that the publishing approval will be issued when the article
will display on the home page.

What's your SEO writing quality?

We provide unique and qualitative SEO content. All articles written by our SEO writers are checked
by our duplicate tool to detect plagiarism. Our writings are not contents spinning and we
suggest 500 or 1000 words, while integrating copyright-free media (photos and/or videos).

Why do you suggest contents up to 2000 words?

First of all, this is suggested to develop our partners websites network as 1000 words articles are
better positioned on Google. Our partners websites can boost their visibility with quality contents
from a semantic point of view. Also, adverstisers websites will get a better SEO impact as
2000 words articles are more qualitative.

Do you provide articles with exactly 500 or 1000 words?

No, 500 and 1000 words are average indicators in order to avoid footprint. A 500
words article will actually have 450 to 550 words. A 1000 words article will actually have 900 to
1000 words.

Can I write contents for my website?

Yes absolutely! Every time you register a website, you can select an option to write the content
or let one of our writers manage the whole process. If you write yourself, you'll get an additional payment. Check out the payments for writing on our partner web page.

What are the commissions for publisher (partners)?

Please check out informations about commissions on our partners web page.

Who manage the writing process if I don't write myself?

We are working in close collaboration with a writing platfom and we can select SEO writers. This
platform gives us the opportunity to deal with high volumes, by adjusting number of
writers according to our needs.

Can I decline an offer?

You can check all articles upstream by selecting this option available with data related to your website. If you want to check all articles, we provide the briefs and the advertiser's website.
Once you get the informations, you can choose to either accept or decline the publication proposal. If you decline it, our algorithm will automatically suggest it to another partner.

Commissions for publications AND writings?

When you write your articles, you get two commissions: please check out our partners chart for details about commissions. First commission is for publications on your website (you can also find informations here on your account) and the second one is for your writings (you can find more details here on your user account). These payments all add up and you can find the details on "My
payments" on your user account.

What is the process for partners commissions?

You can send a payment request when the amount of 100 euros is available on your account. If that threshold takes a while to achieve, you can still send a payment request after 20 weeks (reporting period as of the first commission), no matter the amount available. You don't need to send us invoices as they are automatically created on the platform. All you have to do is fill in your internal invoice number and desired method of payment. Partners payments are made by our accounting department within a maximum of 30 days via Paypal or IBAN.

What is the invoicing process for a private individual?

A private individual is not able to provide invoices without a company registration number. However, on a exceptional basis, it's possible to provide a fee note without VAT. In this particular case, you need to declare the full amount as non-commercial income on your tax return. If it tends to be on a regular basis, we suggest you to create a company structure as self-employed.

Do you use an API to automate publishing?

We've created an API for web developers to allow them to connect and automate publishing on their websites. We also offer a Custom PHP plugin to ease the uploading.

Do you use a WordPress plugin to automate publishings?

As WordPress is the most used CMS by our partners, we've developed a plugin and we provide it for free. Once the plugin is installed and configured on your WorPress website, we can automatically publish on your website if this option is already selected. This plugin gives opportunity to send articles, front-page pictures, and different media to illustrate the texts (pictures and videos). Please note that there's no footprint with this plugin, so you need to choose the file name upon installation.

Is it possible to send publishing in draft mode with API ?

Absolutely, you can select an option for all your websites: either you can publish the articles directly or you can send them in draft mode to check them before publishing.

How can I update WordPress plugin?

As of version 1.0.1, the plugin update is really easy through WordPress back-office. To do so, you need to follow these instructions : WordPress menu, then SEMJuice and click on "Update" in the submenu available on the sidebar. For previous versions, it's necessary to uninstall SEMJuice plugin and manually install the new version.

I have a technical issue with your WordPress plugin, what can I do?

Some WordPress plugins as Wordfence or SecuPress can block our plugin. You need to check their settings, especially the firewall. You can also send us an email with an Admin and FTP access if needed. For WordFence: check out "Firewall" and uncheck "XSS: Cross Site Scripting".

3. SEO writing

Do you proofread your SEO contents before delivery?

Indeed we proofread all articles written by our SEO writers or our partners and we also check out
plagiarism with our in-house tool.

Do you insert media in your SEO writings?

Absolutely, this is a great indicator for Google, so we add different media in our articles: pictures
and/or videos. They're all renamed for greater relevance in terms of SEO.

Which packages do you offer?

We offer different packages from 250 to 2000 words. You can find details on our web writing page.