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SEMJuice Project background

Three business partners have decided to pool their skills together to create the most qualitative link building solution! SEMJuice represents the result of this expertise. They're supported by other SEO experts and digital self-educated and they are now a great team dedicated to the customers. Knowledge sharing is one of SEMJuice corporate values, which means that you can of course work on link building, but with high quality and confidence above all.

Co-founders of SEMJuice


Also known as "CreaNico", Nicolas has been working in the web industry since the early 2000. He quickly specialised in SEO and Google positioning. He always wanted to suggest maximum visibility to his customers through high-quality services and on-site, off-site optimisation.


SEO specialist since 2001, David provides his expertise in each of his business adventures. He focused on SEA to expand his knowledge. He is very enthusiastic about being involved in the team to continue his career path.


Passionate about web, SEO and technique for 15 years, Jeremy first gained experience on his own websites and it was a great success. His greatest asset: passion for technique. Combined with SEO expertise, these relevant assets allowed him to always stay one step ahead of the competition.

team members

Campaigns management

You can contact the team by email:

We support you during all the process of link building campaigns set up and management, to increase your visibility on Google!

Partners relationship management

Your can contact the team at 07 85 90 83 79 and by email:

I select your websites for income generating publications, depending on your JuiceFlow.

Customer relationship management and admin

You can contact the team by email:

Our team is ready to help and support you with your link building strategy implementation.

Customers SEO strategies management

Links profile and positions audit to suggest you a customized and perfectly designed strategy.

Marketing department

Head of department

SEO writing department manager

You can contact us at 06 78 98 03 80 and by email:


Writing and proofreading management

You can contact us by email:

We check all your articles very carefully to ensure the best editorial quality.


More than 120 SEO writers in our team

And we don't forget our dedicated team of great writers! They always do their best to meet your requirements.

Developper & technical assistance