Affiliate program on SEMJuice

Take advantage of SEMJuice profitable sponsorship!

SEMJuice Affiliate program

You already know our platfom performance and our SEO team expertise, so you advise your customers/network to contact us in order to set up their link building optimisation. So we want to reward you for these wise advices.

Get 5% of your affiliates expenses

We give you 5% on your affiliates orders, with no limited period. In other words, you'll get a lifelong 5% discount on link building solutions and writing ordered on SEMJuice platform.

We also pay you when you contribute to the identification of prospective partners: publishers websites. Payments are generated once the websites are approved on the platform. The more famous the website, the higher the payment will be. JuiceFlow is our measurement indicator:

Payment for publishers websites registration


What are the requirements to be a sponsor ?

Obviously sponsors and affiliates cannot be accounts associated to a same person or company. So there will be two different avoicing addresses.

How to register to our affiliate program?

To register to our affiliation program, you just need to create a user account on our platform and get your affiliation link on your account profile (check out "my affiliates" tab on your publisher's profile). Your affiliates members will have to register their websites with this link.

If you don't want to share the information with your customers or contacts, we can also manually associate them to your account for confidentiality purposes. To do so, please contact us.