SEO optimized content writing

Boost your website with high-quality and SEO-optimized articles on your query! 

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SEO optimized content writing service

Personalized instructions

Who manage the process?

  • Creation of personalized instructions
  • Selection of a query for optimization 
  • Your specific requirements 

Selected writer

As we know that a specialist writer is always the right choice, we select: 

  • a writer most at ease with your theme
  • a writer selected according to our own high quality requirements 
  • a specific writer among more than 150

In-house proofreading

Our great team of in-house proofreaders always correct all the articles to check:

  • the information provided, 
  • speeling, grammar, syntax, etc. 
  • style and respect of your editorial line 
  • compliance with instructions

Plagiarism control

As duplicate content is really harmful in a link building strategy, we always check plagiarism: 

  • automated test to detect duplicated content 
  • rewriting of all duplicated sentences 

Optimization control

Our team of 15 in-house proofreaders checks:

  • the best SEO optimization rate on your query 
  • the lowest SEO risk level (over-optimization)
  • textual fluidity 

Premium images insertion

As an illustrated content is better indexed, we insert: 

  • relevant images with high quality 
  • copyright-free images or bought by our writing service 
  • or your own images if provided (high quality is recommended)

Your favourite product

1000 words written and SEO-optimized

  • Writing of brand new articles 
  • We manage the whole process, from brief to publishing 
  • 3 in-house checking: SEO optimization test, in-house proofreading, plagiarism control

Average price recorded on the market: 100 € excl. tax

SEMJuice price: 70 € excl. tax

SEMJuice not optimized price: 45 €

Why do you need our services for SEO content writing?

1. You don't have time to write your articles,

2. You know everything about your product but you're not a SEO writer, 

3. You're a great writer, but SEO is not your core business, 

4. You need huge volumes asap, 

5. Let us manage writing and optimization for your web contents, products information, services description, SEO category pages, shopping guides, folders, landing pages... and keep ahead of the competition!

Our SEO optimized content writing services

SEO optimized content writing 

All our prices for SEO optimized content writing (prices excluding tax).

500 words 35 € excl. tax
1000 words 70 € excl. tax
1500 words 105 € excl. tax
2000 words 140 € excl. tax
5000 words 350 € excl. tax
10 000 words 700 € excl. tax
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Premium writing

All our prices for premium content writing (prices excluding tax).

500 words 22,5 € excl. tax
1000 words 45 € excl. tax
1500 words 67,5 € excl. tax
2000 words 90 € excl. tax
5000 words 135 € excl. tax
10 000 words 450 € excl. tax
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Huge volumes

Need huge volumes for SEO optimized products information, categories description, shopping guides, etc. for your website? Contact us to get your free proposal.

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Why is it important to optimize your content?

An optimized content will always be better positioned on Google search results page compared to a non-optimized text (more information on our blog). 

A content for search intent

To optimize your referencing in the first Google search results pages, it is critical to respond to the search intent related to your keyword. Google is indeed able to understand lexical and semantic field related to your page and compare it to the search intent!

For example, if you have a keyword with a collective search intent but your content is more informative, your referencing won't be optimum. 

The added value of optimized content

SEO is based on 3 pillars: web structure of a page, content and links strategy. Each pillar is considered as a reinforcement for others: web content optimization allows you to take advantage of link building's power

Despite all this, SEO web content optimization is often neglected by competition. This is an opportunity to be seized! 

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Why favor qualitative content?

As nobody is perfect, our team of 15 in-house proofreaders is able to check rigorously each article (35 millions words checked in 2021) to control phrasing, spelling, quality of SEO optimization and also the accuracy of information before approval.

Content written for internet users and Google

 For similar contents, Google favours high-quality content, semantically rich, with right search intent, good writing and no spelling mistakes. Keywords stuffing is no longer effective! 

Web writer needs to please both human reader and Googlebot. This is a complex job as it is crucial to write an easy-to-read and SEO-optimized text.

Boost content with images 

For more efficiency, we boost our contents with copyright-free premium images or bought by our writing service. We also insert your own images, if provided.

Media such as images or videos attract reader's attention, which is a great SEO signal while enhancing bounce rate.