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Why is your SEO dependent upon link building?

link building? It's the art of getting qualitative links that point to your website, while improving your ranking on search engines. This is called "SEO juice".

Is SEO important? It's even essential! Google (more than 93% market share!) placed SEO as one of the most important elements to rank websites.

How do we know that? ALL SEO cases studies prove it ! Acquired links are the number one criteria for an optimized ranking.

Our 5-ingredient cocktail: All-in-one solution for your link building

A "shot" of tips

Your link building campaigns are specifically suited to your links profile and optimized by our SEO experts.

A catalog of reassessed websites

Blogs, media websites, thematic websites are reassessed on a monthly basis with a manual validation.

A proprietary algorithm

Our JuiceFlow, measurement quality indicator that ensures a fair and standard price

High-quality SEO writing

Substantive articles suited to your editorial line and thematic

A "twist" of statistics

Interactive dashboard for your SEO metrics. Long-term performance monitoring!

Our star ingredient? + partners websites with "SEO juice"!

How do we set the prices? An audit is carried out for every partner website with SEO data and our proprietary algorithm, JuiceFlow. This evaluation is updated on a monthly basis.

JuiceFlow sets the "fruity price" for a website. The more SEO Juice for a website, the higher the fruit, the price: grape, kiwi, orange, watermelon and mixed-fruits.

""Mixed-fruits" websites? These are "out of category" and nationally-known websites, available on request.

What is the purpose of JuiceFlow? To ensure a consistent quality regarding the links-costs ratio.

Why aren't more spots? We could say "more than 21 000 partners websites", but we mainly select websites with "SEO juice". One out of two websites is approved in order to provide high-quality.

What is the recipe? A powerful platform designed to manage your link building!



We support you from start to finish, with a free website audit so as to suit the link building strategy to your links profiles.



Our SEO experts define the best link building strategy with you: number of links, power, budget, anchors, web pages to optimize…



The writing process is managed by SEMJuice or the website publisher. You can proofread and suggest changes before the publication.



Partners publishers publish articles with your links on their websites (with photos and videos). Then, these articles are checked by our editorial team.


Measure the performances

To measure the impact of your link building strategy, we provide a complete dashboard with metrics and informations about your website development. You can also export the reports.

Interested in
our solution
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Interested in our solution?
Get a proposal
5 steps to fulfill
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link building strategy!

Who prepares the recipe? Our team! Our experts manage all the process!

We support you during all the process to set up your link building campaigns from start to finish, depending on your links profiles, your budget and your goals. You don't need to do anything, except develop a strategy and approve our suggestions.

But you stay in control! You're totally free to make changes.

Our SEO experts will always assist you and provide the best advices, without pressure.

JuiceFlow Our secret formula, shh!

As a famous soda, our formula is secret.
We can share that we use several tens of criteria carefully measured to determine our JuiceFlow in order to evaluate our partners websites. Every indicator is regulated and calculated.
Here are the main SEO data sources used:

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